Recent API Updates and Changes (4/25/17)

We have pushed out several updates to our API. See full list below:

Updated Response for updateOnlineSaleStatus!

We updated the response of the 'updateOnlineSaleStatus' call to have a more intuitive and helpful response.

To use this updated response, in the request header send in the following header name and value.

Header = X-API-Version
Value = 2

For more information, you can visit here

Added Functionality to GetPOs

We added in the ability to specify a list of PO Numbers within the GetPOs call.

Also, we now return the date that PO was created in SkuVault.

For more information, visit here

Additional Small Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a few bugs in the UpdateProduct and UpdateProducts calls that would cause omitted fields to get reset in SkuVault.

  • We fixed a bug in the GetProducts call that prevented users from getting updated attribute names.