Updated getTransactions Response: Sale ID for Picks!

We've released an update to the getTransactions call today which modifies the response for pick transactions. If a pick was made against a specific sale, that sale's ID will also be included in the response.

This makes it easier to track which sales are being picked against instead of having to check the sale itself in the SkuVault UI.

Here's an example of how it looks:

         "Title":"testSku1 Title",


How to pick against a sale:

Picks in SkuVault can be made against sales in the following ways:

  • QC on Pick
  • Pick on QC
  • Check Item Against Order
  • AutoRemove (Yes, this technically performs a pick transaction against the sale. Also the user is always "System" for these picks)
  • Wavepicking

You can find more information about using the SkuVault UI as well as different workflows in our Solutions docs: https://support.skuvault.com/support/solutions