Added a PageSize Parameter to the getItemQuantities call

We've added a small improvement the getItemQuantities call. You can now specify a PageSize value between 1000 and 10000 products returned. If the value is less than 1000 or greater than 10000, the call will use the default page size of 10000.

New Call: getTransactions

We've released a new API call getTransactions. This allows users to pull their SkuVault transactions similar to how our Transaction History report behaves in the UI. You can filter by warehouse, date, transaction type (All, Add, Remove, or Pick), and Transaction Reasons.

Added a MarketplaceId Parameter For Syncing Sales

SyncOnlineSale and SyncOnlineSales

New call: updateHandlingTime & improvements

A new call has been released, updateHandlingTime, enabling users to update their SKU's handling time per Amazon channel account in SkuVault. You must first use getIntegrations to acquire the channel's ID(which is unique) and then you can use that ID to update an individual channel's handling time per SKU.

Update to GetProducts

We have added the ability to get the value of the "Disable Quantity Sync" setting in the GetProducts call.

A Few Minor Updates to Various Calls

We have added some minor capabilities to a few different calls. Details are below:

Ability to Create/Update Sales not Originating from the API

We now offer the ability to create AND update sales through the API that may not have originated from the API for the following calls:

Ability to Sync Sale Notes

We have added the ability to sync sale notes in the following calls:

Ability to specify a warehouse for a Purchase Order

We have added the ability to specify a warehouse for that Purchase Order. Also, you can specify a warehouse address name in SkuVault for that warehouse (if it exists).

GetSales: Ability to filter for specific Order IDs

Added the ability to filter for specific Order IDs in the GetSales call.