Status Codes


200 OK

This status is returned when the entire payload is OK.


202 Accepted

This status is returned when part of a bulk call returns an error, but other elements of the payload are OK and have been accepted by SkuVault.



400 Bad Request

Client Error. The call is semantically invalid. It should not be made again without modifications.

401 Unauthorized

Returned when a disabled user tries to use the API, or your tokens are bad. See Errors in response body.

403 User disabled

Returned when the user has been disabled.

404 Tenant not found / 404 User not found

Returned when either the TenantToken or UserToken are bad.

409 Conflict

Returned when two identical, incompatible key:value pairs are provided in a payload. Example: Updating product details, and including sku "product1" twice.

413 Request Entity Too Large

Returned when the client has attempted to make a bulk call with an array larger than the allowed size.

429 Too Many Requests

Returned when you've hit the throttling limit for a given call.